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Our Menu / Pasta
Pastas include unlimited visits to Arner's Fresh Salad Bar.



Egg noodles with sauteed chicken tenderloins tossed in a rich butter cream sauce with grated Romano and Parmesan cheeses. 12.99 Substitute shrimp, add 2.00




Penne rigaté and sauteed chicken tenderloins tossed with fresh
broccoli florets and savory sundried tomatoesin a light garlic
herb broth. Topped with fresh grated Parmesan cheese. 13.49
Substitute shrimp, add 2.00




Juicy chicken tenderloins, broccoli florets and sundried tomatoes tossed with penne rigaté in a rich cream sauce with grated Romano and Parmesan cheeses.



Chicken or Shrimp

Coming Soon.


Greek Penne

Chicken & Spinach

Penne rigaté and chicken tenderloins sautéed in hot olive
oil with garlic, spinach and diced seasoned tomatoes, then
topped with crumbled Feta cheese and black olives. 13.49
Substitute shrimp, add 2.00



Spaghetti & Meatballs

Traditional spaghetti with our rich homemade meat sauce
and hand-formed meatballs.



Veal or Chicken

Tender veal or Chicken cutlet breaded in our own kitchen and served with spaghetti.


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